Advantages of the RECO eTrac electric tool carrier


Why choose the RECO eTrac:






  • Electrically powered
  • No exhaust emissions, fumes or noise 
  • CO2 reduction 

The RECO eTrac has full electric drive. The machine is clean, efficient and with no exhaust emission, fumes or noise. That means a safe & pleasant working environment for the operator and bystanders. And not only that: with the low CO2 emissions of this tool carrier, you also benefit from commercial advantages such as a better competitive position in tenders.



  • Powerful Lithium battery
  • 8+ hours working per day from a charge
  • Two wheel motors 

The RECO eTrac utilises a high quality and very powerful lithium-ion battery. You can work a full working day (8+ hours) from a charge with the weed brush application. For optimal efficiency, the tool carrier is also equipped with two wheel motors.

‘When the market demands new solutions, you have to move’.

– Roon Hylkema, Managing Director Reesink Turfcare

‘With a transport width of only 130 cm, the RECO eTrac is extremely manoeuvrable”.​

– Arne van der Valk, Product Manager


  • Rear-wheel steering
  • Compact 

The RECO eTrac has a very compact design and a transport width of less than 130 cm. Due to the modest dimensions and rear axle steering, the machine is extremely manoeuvrable. Narrow streets, kerbs or slopes present no problem for the RECO eTrac.


  • Maximum visibility
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Ergonomic 

The RECO eTrac has a modern and quiet cab envrionment from leading supplier Mathieu, that meets the latest health and safety requirements. Here, the driver has everything under control. With the high seating position, an extra low windscreen and glass door panels, operator visibility is optimised. The panoramic front window of the RECO eTrac provides an excellent field of view. The ergonomic seat, like the steering column, is fully and easily adjustable for the perfect seating position. And thanks to the air conditioning and heating, work is safe & pleasant to use in all weather conditions.

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Born out of an intensive collaboration between the Handling Equipment & Turfcare Equipment subsidiaries of Royal Reesink.

Jean Heybroek and Reesink Turfcare BE are responsable for the sale of the RECO eTrac in the Netherlands and Belgium.
For more information, including information on sales in other countries, please contact us:

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